About Us

Hi! We're the McGahees. I'm Nicole, a stay at home mom to three wild little boys and Colin is a union pipefitter/welder. Over the past few years we've discovered how hard it is to have Colin traveling for work and leaving behind me and our two small kids for weeks or months at a time. Our goal is to travel together in an RV (no we're not going "full time" just yet!) so that we can all be together, traveling, and exploring.  We want to make the most of Colin's work opportunities and our desire to give our kids as many experiences and memories as we can! 

Our three boys, Corbin, Bronson, and Hudson are wild and adventurous. They keep us on our toes and teach us just about as much as we teach them! Despite being polar opposites in personalities, they do share a love of dirt, trucks, tractors, and all things "BOY!". 

And of course we cannot forget Hank, our 8 year old German Shepherd. He was our first baby and stole my heart with those big brown eyes! He is our fearless protector, when he isn't busy napping, we love him so!