Our Adventure

Life is better when we're together. Plain and simple.

Where it all began... 

Shortly after our first son was born Colin began traveling for work, things slowed down locally and as a union pipefitter/welder he had plenty of work opportunities in other areas. As time went on, the travel work kept moving further and further away as well as lasting for longer periods of time. This was tough on both us at home as well as Colin on the road. We actually started looking at campers for Colin by himself to help lower the cost of his travel (hotels for months at a time are EXPENSIVE and usually kind of crappy!). 

We had a lot of fun camper shopping and eventually brought up the idea of "what if we wanted to go?"  and that turned into "What if we want to go every time?"  

So the search shifted from small travel trailers to fifth wheels that could handle a house full. 

After lots of searching we bought the truck in the spring of 2018 and the RV in the fall later that year. We did a lot of renovating and customizing to make the RV fit our needs for traveling and our first trip was in Spring of 2019.  

After 3 years of part time travel we officially went "Full Time" in June of 2022! 

What does "Life with Pockets" mean anyway?

Funny story - at one of Colin's jobs, he was given the nickname "Pockets" because, well, he apparently stood around with his hands in his pockets for most of the day. When he told me, I thought it was hilarious because it was pretty fitting (the stand back and watch attitude).  I'm not sure if the nickname stuck, but when I was trying to come up with clever, catchy, not-already-taken-website/social media name, "Life with Pockets" stuck out to me. Plus it was available on all the platforms, so SOLD.   Sorry, it doesn't have a deeper philosophical meaning ;) 

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