Our Adventure

The why, what, how and when seem to be BIG questions for us as we travel on this journet. Its hard to really sum it all up, but here are the answers to a few questions we hear frequently.

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This one is easy -- its been hard, especially as the kids are getting older, to explain to them why Daddy has to go away for weeks/months at a time. The turning point for me was when our oldest asked Daddy if he had to go back to "his house" when he had flown home for a week long visit after working in Connecticut last summer. It truly broke my heart that he thought Daddy lived somewhere else.  At the same time, it is also tough for Colin to be away, missing so many milestones for both kids. So what is there to do? Well, if he has to travel, then I suppose we will just have to go with him. The best way for us to do that is with an RV, all the conveniences and familiarity of a home that we can just take with us where ever we need to. 

Life is better when we're together. Plain and simple.

What is the plan? whats the timeline? 

After purchasing our RV in November of 2018, we spent a few months renovating and getting everything in order for it to fit our needs. We hit the road as part-timers in the spring of 2019 and enjoyed every minute of it! We drifted around, and still do, between jobs and visiting family. We are loving every minute on the road! We do spend plenty of down time at our home base in Tennessee, but we always look forward to getting back on the road. 

Are we going "full time" or selling our house? 

No way! We aren't ready to take the leap into the full time RV life ... and might not ever. I like the idea of keeping a home base, so IF or WHEN me and the kids want to head back to our home in Tennessee we always can. We love where we live and we might spend just as much time HOME as we do AWAY. It just depends on how each job goes or where the jobs are, and honestly, (real talk here) we might not like it ALL the time. So its really very open ended right now. We will just take it day by day. 

Are you crazy?! 

Maybe just a little. Everything GREAT always has some bit of risk involved. I am hopeful that the benefits are going to outweigh any negative aspects of traveling/road life. The biggest PRO is that we will be together... and that maybe we could use a little more adventure in our lives anyway :) 

What does "Life with Pockets" mean anyway?

Funny story - at one of Colin's jobs, he was given the nickname "Pockets" because, well, he apparently stood around with his hands in his pockets for most of the day. When he told me, I thought it was hilarious because it was pretty fitting (the stand back and watch attitude).  I'm not sure if the nickname stuck, but when I was trying to come up with clever, catchy, not-already-taken-website/social media name, "Life with Pockets" stuck out to me. Plus it was available on all the platforms, so SOLD.   Sorry, it doesn't have a deeper philosophical meaning ;) 

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